Why Aussie Dog Owners Love The Ultimate Canine Calming Accessory

"It’s Like a Meditation Mat For My Dog!"

By Clarence Newman
November 21, 2021 at 9:17 am EDT

Why Your Pup Needs a Calming Pet Bed


Better Sleep
Your pup needs a bed where they can feel safe and rest easy. Better sleep means a happier dog and a happier owner.

Incredible Comfort
Your pup needs a comfortable place to rest. We created our Pet Calming Bed with additional padding and luscious soft faux fur. The result is heaven for pups and peace of mind for pup parents.

Unrivalled Quality
You’ve probably seen cheaper, lower quality dog beds. At Pupnaps, we decided to prioritise on quality and create a durable bed that will be loved for years to come.

If your restless, anxious dog is giving you sleepless nights…

And you’ve tried everything to make your pup happier, only to be left howling in despair - this might be the most important article you will ever read.

We all know that a happy pup = a happy owner.

When our dogs are anxious, we feel the same. That’s why it broke my heart to see my dog, Rex, so stressed out.

When I left for work I'd leave him on the couch in his favourite sleeping spot, but when I returned home I'd find a trail of chewed furniture legs and clawed cushions. Sometimes I’d hear him frantically digging at doors and listen to his endless, pained howling.
A couple of times, I even sat down on the couch and discovered a nasty “wet surprise”. Poor Rex had been so nervous that he’d had an accident. What had once been his favourite spot for a cosy doggy snooze had become a no-go-zone.

I know so many dog owners have experienced similar problems with their anxious pups. But what happens after you try the expensive vet visits, new diets, entertaining toys and long walks… but nothing works?

That’s when you start to believe you’re just a bad dog owner. And there’s nothing worse than the guilt you feel as you leave the house and your dog gives you that solemn look — as if to say, “surely you’re not abandoning me AGAIN?

And then there’s your own anxiety… because you never quite know what destruction you’ll be returning home to.

Well, believe me, it is not your fault!

In desperation, I started doing my own research, and I discovered something that really shocked me…

It turns out that one of the main causes of anxiety in dogs can be a lack of good-quality sleep. Could sleepless nights really be the cause for Rex’s stressed-out and destructive behaviour?

I was determined to find a way to help Rex curl up and chill out.
Unfortunately, things didn’t go to plan...

I Tried Everything...But Nothing Worked

I was looking for something that would help Rex have a calming, soothing sleep on the couch...and protect my furniture at the same time.

I did some research online and learned about furniture protectors. Apparently, they are designed to relax our pups and protect our furniture at the same time. 

They sounded promising, so I bought a couple: One from my local pet store and the other came all the way from China.

The pet store owner promised me the furniture protector would give Rex the relaxation he so badly needed. 

“It’s made out of the same material as a human pillow”, he said, which sounded appealing. 

But after a few days, the thick, foamy protector had turned into a thin, lumpy blanket. Rex’s weight wasn’t supported at all, and he endlessly padded around in circles, trying unsuccessfully to find a soft spot to rest his tired body.

Next, the second furniture protector from China eventually showed up. I unwrapped and laid it out on the couch, looked eagerly at Rex… and crossed my fingers.

He sat down on the protector. I breathed a sigh of relief, hoping things would get better. And they did...

...for two days

Soon, bits of the protector started wearing away, revealing cheap layers of foam underneath. 

Then I started to find chewed up pieces of foam around the house. I was terrified Rex would get this potentially toxic material stuck in his stomach. This protector was clearly not vet approved!

A week later, I was talking to a friend who is also a parent to a fur baby. I was explaining how Rex’s stresses and struggles were giving me and my partner sleepless nights.
My friend laughed, “Oh I’ve definitely been there”, she said. “And you’ve been doing it all wrong”

The Missing Piece

My friend explained that she’d had similar experiences with her dog. But then her vet told her about a unique couch protector made by a company called Pupnaps. Apparently, it’s specifically designed to help stressed dogs chill out and relax.
She told me that when our pups are feeling anxious, a simple blanket, pillow, or even a dog bed would be useless when perched on a couch or chair. Studies show that if dogs are off the ground, their bodies need additional support and cushioning to help them properly relax.

“Pupnaps have been awesome”, she said. “I thought I was going to be paying vet fees and buying new cushion covers forever. My dog was just so stressed out, and I felt like such a bad owner.”

“Then Pupnaps answered my prayers, and it’s like having our old dog back again.”

“She’s so chilled out these days, it’s like having her very own cosy little meditation mat!”

I did some research, read all the glowing reviews and didn’t wait another second to place my order - especially when it was only $129 ($149 for the larger size)!

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Pupnaps Arrives!

The Pupnaps Calming Furniture Protector was shipped from Sydney and arrived the next day. As I laid it out on the couch, I was impressed.

My hand caressed the velvety, snuggly faux fur surface, and the whole product had a deep, luxurious feel.

To my amazement, Rex eagerly jumped up and immediately started exploring and sniffing the raised rim. Within minutes he was curled up and happily snuggled into his new bed. It had an instantly calming effect… Rex knew he had a safe space to relax, get cosy and calm down.

I sat down beside him and started to read more about the protector. I loved how a ton of research had gone into its design - apparently, it gives the perfect amount of support to dogs’ tired joints so they can properly rest and recover after a long day playing.

What’s more, the experts at Pupnaps had not only created a stylish design that looked good on my couch, but they had also incorporated a snazzy little water-resistant liner… so my days of worrying about little accidents and endlessly washing cushion covers were over!

I looked down at Rex to see if he was enjoying his very own little calming couch…
And to my surprise, he was fast asleep!

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4 Weeks Later

Fast forward a month, and Rex absolutely loves his Pupnaps furniture protector, and we love having our bouncing bundle of love back!

As soon as he trots into the house, Rex jumps straight into his favourite spot on the couch and refuses to be moved. We can even hear him softly snoring as he snuggles into his cosy chill-out zone.

Our friends have even commented how good the furniture protector looks in our lounge and it’s still as plump, soft and luxurious as it was when it arrived. In fact, it’s been so successful that I’ve bought three more to give to my friends! They come in different sizes so there’s a stress-free solution for every breed, from a small puppy to a large Shepard.

Overall, our house is just so much happier! No worries about what a stressed-out Rex will do next, and he’s too busy sleeping and enjoying the good dog’s life without a care in the world.

If an anxious dog is making your life miserable, I would say without a doubt that a Pupnaps furniture protector is the answer to your prayers.

Pupnaps Calming Furniture Protector

Other dog beds

Raised rim and soft padding simulates “a mothers hug” to calm anxious dogs

Basic bed not designed for anxious pups

Water-resistant liner to protect

Accidents leak through the non-water resistant bed

Durable against paws, claws and drool

Provides instant & long lasting relief from neck pain

Supportive and super comfy - ideal for achy joints

Falls apart after days of normal usage

Machine washable for hygiene, hair and odour control

Little support and becomes “lumpy” over time

Fast & free delivery from our Sydney warehouse

Becomes smelly and dirty with use

Full 12 month warranty

No warranty

2-week risk-free trial - if your pup doesn’t love it, you get a refund

No return policy

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Instantly Calming

Pupnaps used the same principles from their viral calming dog bed, and created their furniture protector with a raised rim. This creates an instant calming effect within your pup that slows them to quickly get comfortable and relax, worry-free.

Protect Your Furniture:

Tthey designed our Furniture Protector with a genius water resistant liner that sits at the bottom. This protects your couch, bed, car or any surface from accidents that can occur and lets you rest easy knowing you won’t need to clean up after your pooch.

No Slips

Their furniture protector has a non-slip bottom that stays fixed to any surface.

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A multi-purpose product which protects my sofa and provides great support for Henry. I love how the couch protector fits so well on my sofa and it is highly water resistant. Great product once again Pupnaps.
- Ash K.

"I am impressed with the quality and design of this couch protector, thanks for the quick delivery and customer service too."
- Keith D.

"Super spacious for our Gucci to lounge in. He is very comfortable on it. Great quality as well, doubly happy."
- Maddi T.

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Your Questions… Answered!

Here are the best questions people have asked about the Pupnaps Calming Furniture Protector


How does the Pupnaps Calming Furniture Protector work?

Their Furniture Protector provide a safe space for your pup to relax in, with the raised rim, ultra soft padding and covers it allows them to mimic being hugged by their mother.


What makes the Pupnaps Calming Furniture Protector better than any other beds?

They use only the highest quality materials and take pride in the production of our beds. Extra filling, removable and washable covers and high quality zippers are all features you will find on our products


Is the Pupnaps Calming Furniture Protector available in stores?

Pupnaps are only available on our online store. We prefer to sell directly to our customers to keep the prices as low as we can


Where is it made?

Their company and products are incorporated and designed in Australia. Production takes place in China where they are able to work closely with their supplier to bring you the highest quality products at an affordable price.

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Pupnaps Calming Furniture Protector

Calming - your pup is calm and relaxed

Protection - waterproof and easy to clean

Stylish - luxurious feel and blends with your living space

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